quarta-feira, maio 29, 2013

Métricas da Vaidade

Sobre o mundo de métricas da vaidade que existe. Serve para o marketing, a inovação, social media ou startup:
[Whenever you look at a metric, ask yourself, "What will I do differently based on this information?" If you can't answer that question, you probably shouldn't worry about the metric too much. Consider for example, 'total signups.' This is a vanity metric. The number can only increase over time (classic up and to the right graph). It tells us nothing about what those users are doing…Many companies claim they're data-driven. Unfortunately, while they embrace the data part of that mantra, few focus on the second word: driven. If you have a piece of data on which you cannot act, it's a vanity metric. The point here is that you're doing something based on the data you collect. "] Yoskovitz, Lean Analytics

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