domingo, janeiro 20, 2013

Você acha que lealdade é coisa do passado? Por Simon Sinek

Visão romântica?
Visão óbvia?

O que você acha?

Do you think company loyalty is a thing of the past?
SIMON: Why would any employer think that an employee would give loyalty if they’re viewed as disposable commodities? And how can any company demand loyalty when they treat people as disposable commodities? Everybody gets what they give. If you give loyalty, you get loyalty. If you give protection, you get service. If you give a sense of fear and discomfort and insecurity, than you’re going to get self-preservation, protection and self-interest. It’s not complicated. It’s always equal and it’s always balanced.

The mere fact that we use layoffs to balance the books — let’s just think about that for a second. We would destroy someone’s career so we can “make the numbers work” for one quarter or one year. That’s it. “The numbers aren’t working out this year, so let’s lay off a thousand people.” Isn’t that amazing? Mind blowing.

That philosophy didn’t exist prior to the 1980s. Yes, layoffs existed, but not as economic theory. Prior to the 1980s we did not look at layoffs as a means of balancing the books. In the old days, if you worked really hard and did good work, you were safe. You worked hard and you weren’t afraid because you did good work.

Now, it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how good you are — if the numbers don’t add up, you lose your job. That company is basically saying, “Do enough to tread water, because tomorrow it could be over.” And they’re upset that we’re not giving more?
It’s always balanced. If you give us insecurity, you’re going to get self-preservation. Give me security and you will get my firstborn. And that’s why organizations that put their people first get blood, sweat and tears from their team.

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