sábado, abril 25, 2015

Estrategistas têm que ter coragem

Essa é a mensagem subliminar que Patrick Lencioni dá neste artigo How to Grow by Cutting Backna Inc Magazine deste mês. Vale dar uma olhada.
[I'd been invited to attend the weekly executive team meeting, where our leaders were discussing a fundamental shift in product strategy. At one point, the head of marketing said, "Customers aren't going to like this," prompting the CEO to declare, "Screw customers. If we let them choose our strategy, we'll go out of business."
As heretical as that sounds, today I understand the CEO's wisdom. His willingness to try something new, even if it displeased some long-term customers, ultimately allowed the company to attract new business--and propelled it to that $1 billion revenue goal.
So when you attempt to transform your organization and simultaneously retain every employee and every customer, you're sabotaging its growth and health. You're placing a higher priority on avoiding painful conversations than on fulfilling your mission.
That's why leaders of all companies--and especially of those trying to grow--need to go into work every day willing to sacrifice for the good of the organization.]

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