terça-feira, novembro 18, 2014

Seja antes de falar, quando falamos em Identidade de Marca

"Many clients — like many people — start talking before they’ve decided what they want to accomplish.They communicate first and ask questions later, as dumb as infantry laying down a wall of fire before seeing their targets.
Before clients launch any communications, they must agree on the basics of their brand: how they create value in the first place—their purpose. And they have to spell out their brand values — Urgency? Elegance? Natural fibers? Siblinghood? — which help to shape the brand experience. Once these strategic elements are in place, clients can begin spreading the word.
Of course, the way forward has potholes. The danger is what Marty Neumeier called “the brand gap” between strategy and execution. The way to make sure that brand strategy aligns with messages is to insist that brand strategy governs messages. If your brand promises a caring relationship with customers, then barking at them about their contractual obligations fights your intentions. If your brand promises a global perspective, then communications can’t contain cute puns in the native tongue of your CEO. The brand strategy shapes everything — especially the words that hit your customers’ears and eyes."
Claude Singer, Executive Vice President, Senior Brand Strategist, Siegelvision

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