sábado, outubro 20, 2012

Como você transmite uma cultura de inovação dentro de sua empresa?

O Econsultancy perguntou no Twitter sobre "Can you do to foster a culture of innovation within your company?" (Como você faz para transmitir uma cultura de inovação dentro da empresa?) E algumas idéias saltaram: 

  1. Nurture the corporate culture that supports innovativeness. (@Vatro) 
  2. Hire responsible people who are care/ get it, assign budgets and get out of way/ assist. (@bedroomnation) 
  3. Horizontal structure, small cross discipline teams focusing on users, reduce fear of failure, don't clog with machine age process. (@noodlesnrice) 
  4. Brainstorming among employees at every level. (@JDD10) 
  5. My tip for innovation: don't give people job descriptions. (@FloraMarriott) 
  6. Support from senior stakeholders has always been the key factor for me. With innovation, you need to 'plant the seed' early! (@davidjahall) 
  7. Bake it in to the culture. (@helentrendell) 
  8. Freedom. Give your people the freedom to experiment and make mistakes. (@wgx) 
  9. Greenhousing sessions, strictly moderated, with all staff levels and functions represented. (@StevieCC)
  10. Allow everyone to contribute and give people a real change of scene from time to time. (@SocialMediaSpan) 
  11. Questioning and improving on something you know someone else holds dear. It's tough but gets results. (@alexmoss) 
  12. Innovation: No idea is stupid. If someone challenges the norm and it fails we learn from it. Don’t punish it. (@TheDigitalJuice) 
  13. Schedule a one hour meeting for 10 people, where you work on the same theme - but at your own desks. Result: 10 hours worth of ideas. (@theREALwikiman) 
  14. Let people play. (@addy_dren) 
  15. Hackdays. (@ysekand) 
  16. Give people time to do it and reward them for doing it. (@Jimmy_iC) 
  17. Get rid of processes for innovation and spend at least 20 minutes a day in the kitchen talking about crap with the team. (@LordManley) 
  18. Support good ideas through to implementation. (@ajthelivertine) 
  19. Travel on the tops of buses. Look out the window. Walk home a different route. Buy a magazine you have not read before. (@jmks) And if those don’t work for you then here’s one that is sure to make you think… 
  20. Really small chairs. (@andylim)

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