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Tempo é distinção entre ser memorável e ser conveniente

Lendo, The New Experience Economy me deparei com esta passagem logo no início que gostei muito.

The increasing demand for experiences yields accelerating commoditization across industries. The global low cost of production, the ease of finding alternatives at the touch of a device, and the democratizing force of online information and price transparency have given rise to increasing customer power. In a world of undifferentiated commodities and increasing convenience across every channel to get what they desire, customers are caring less about brands.
time really is the key distinction between services and experiences 
O tempo como um dos principais representantes deste nova maneira de competir. A percepção do tempo muda através da vivência da experiência.
Customers want goods and services to be fast, cheap, and easy in order to spend their hard-earned money – and harder-earned time – on experiences that engage and fascinate, absorb and immerse, and leave lasting memories. While manufacturers and service providers have focused on efficiency and “time well saved” to remove friction and provide convenience, the winners in the Experience Economy will change the measure of success to “time well spent.” 
Customer Experience é o caminho para um Distinctive Experience. Outra meta é criada quando elevamos o grau de entrega da experiência.
Experience-driven engagement requires understanding truly distinct experiences. Because of the rise of experience as the predominant economic offering, much of the business world has adopted the concept of “customer experience,” or “CX”. However, this is not at all the same thing as embracing the Experience Economy.
When most companies use the term “customer experience” what they mean is that they want their interactions with customers to be nice, easy, and convenient. That is all well and good, but understand that these are all service characteristics, not the characteristics of a true, distinctive experience
Distinção entre Serviços e Experiências:
  • First, services are intangible while experiences are memorable. If you do not create a memory, then you have not offered a distinctive experience.
  • Second, services are outwardly customized – done for an individual person or company – while experiences are inherently personal. Companies all too often routinize their procedures in a way that’s easy for employees, not personal and engaging for consumers. 
  • And third, services are delivered on demand – whenever the customer says this is what he wants – while experiences are revealed over a duration of time. If a retailer does not let its experience unfold dramatically over the course of its encounter with customers in a way that goes beyond the routine, then it has not offered a distinctive experience. And striving to be “convenient” is diametrically opposed to this approach, for it means to spend as little time with the customer as possible – getting them in and out as quickly as possible – which drains the interaction of all drama.

So instead of aiming for convenience, you should design places for more time with consumers, staging the sequence of interactions in a way that yields a dramatic structure, rising to a climax and then bringing individual customers back down again in a personal and memorable way. 
Ser  Customer-centric não é coisa de marketing
in today’s business environment you still have the co-equal imperative to do so with low- cost, high-volume, e icient operations, so therefore you must mass customize your offerings to each individual customer. Mass customizing means efficiently serving customers uniquely – giving every customer exactly what he wants at a price he’s willing to pay. Customization – reaching inside of people and co-creating with them – is fundamental to effectively staging personal experiences. 
 Se é digital, pode (e deve) ser cusomizado
the rise of digital has enabled the ability to fulfill the promise of personal experiences that go beyond just providing goods and services. One of the most vital characteristics of digital technology to appreciate is that anything that can be digitized can be customized



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