domingo, fevereiro 22, 2015

Valores bem definidos, com estratégias bem comunicadas no back-office

A inovação, o Outcome, e a Preferência de Marca acontece através de um Back-Office coerente: 

"Google’s culture for instance is concentrated on innovation. Google also hires, motivates and develops the best talents from the best universities. As a result, Google could not have convinced its customers on its innovativeness only through advertising. HR practices and internal marketing is stressed to be vital to build strong brand image and performance. In addition, distribution channels or the style of the product itself further reinforce brand personality and image. These aspects greatly impact the service brand’s perceived quality necessary to satisfy customers and reinforce brand attachment. Consumers characterized by a great deal of brand attachment find it very difficult to switch the brand, because they have developed trust towards the brand and feel emotionally involved."
Trecho de "Brand Personality and Consumer Behavior" por Miletios Niros

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