sexta-feira, novembro 01, 2013

Crie o controle junto com sua equipe

Deixe que as pessoas escolham suas próprias metas, ou pelo menos tentem escolher junto delas. E deixe-as confortáveis. 
“The debate about organizational control is not whether it is needed—it certainly is—but about how it is best achieved. Imposing controls such as billable hours, which do not have a palpable or predictive relationship with customer success, might cause obedience and the minimum level of effort to obtain the standards, but it will not drive firm excellence.

All of the firms that have let the team decide on the KPIs discovered, usually to their pleasant surprise, the team chose KPIs that were tougher on themselves than the partners would have been. People who select their own goals are usually more demanding of themselves than when those goals are selected for them”
Retirado de Implementing Value Pricing, de Ronald Baker

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